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Writing has been a passion of mine from a young age. It started out in journals, silly childhood stories and letters, growing into a career choice with a major in journalism, and minor in public relations, from the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communications. While learning about journalism and public relations, I wrote for the Campus Press school newspaper. After graduation, I chose to follow a career in public relations, where I utilized my copywriting skills extensively for press releases, marketing collateral materials, media pitch letters, new business strategies and more.

Along the way, I gathered experience at both large and small companies, and by working as an independent PR consultant. My time in Los Angeles at Porter Novelli International and Hill and Knowlton Public Relations was in the consumer products arena where I worked extensively with PetSmart, Bandai America (international toy company), Nissan North America and others. In San Francisco, I delved into the world of technology PR as an account supervisor at a boutique agency, riding high on the dot-com wave of industry. When the dot-com era went bust, I took it as an opportunity to redefine my career, moving out of the public relations arena.

After returning to school for graphic arts, I merged my copywriting and business skills with graphic design. Today, I work as a freelance copywriter and graphic designer. As a copywriter, I strategically produce written messages on behalf of a variety of clients, in varied industries, ranging from the wine industry, to retail and business, and non-profit organizations. An integral part of copywriting is ensuring a client receives on-message copy in an appropriate length and format. As a graphic designer, I know how to work with other designers, providing them copy to fit the design parameters of a given project. If it’s both copy and design a client needs, I streamline projects by providing both aspects, ensuring cohesive messaging and branding.

To achieve the right image, it’s necessary to write it effectively, succinctly and convincingly. That’s what I do.